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Latest Software:

Weather Fax Schedule Update
WeatherFax 2000 for USB Windows (10 Meg)(Square Demodulator)
Wind/Grib Plot for Windows
SkyEye/Weatherfax Device Driver (should not be needed)
WeatherFax 2000 for Sound Card (10Meg)
WeatherFax 2000 for Pactor PTCII (10 Meg)
WeatherFax 2000 original  RS232  (10 Meg)
SkyEye Satellite Reciever USB (19 Meg)

Older Weather Fax USB (Rectangular Demodulator)
WeatherFax 2000 for USB Windows XP  and lower only (10 Meg)

SkyEye PRO for Sound Card (25 Meg) - Obsolete

Windows 64 Bit - Please note our Standard Windows SkyEye Driver is 32 bit only.  Download the 64 bit driver below

SkyEye 64 bit Device Driver

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Important Note: March 2011
If the software crashes on start - reinstall with
"Custom" Button and select all optional files.
SkyEye-Wind/Grib Plot for Mac OSX 10.4+
Weather Fax for Mac OSX 10.4+
Ubuntu Logo
SkyEye Wind/Grib Plot for Ubuntu (Debian) Linux
Weather Fax 2000 USB (Requires Ver 9 Hardware)
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Wind/Grib Plot/ SkyEye for SuSE/RedHat/Mandriva Linux
Weather Fax Product Registration (Retail Only)

World Bathymetric chart - For use with Wind/Grib Plot and SkyEye

Foriegn Language Documentation

Submited by our customers - Xaxero SkyEye are not responsible for contents

SkyEye - German

SkyEye - Spanish
Weather Fax - Japanese

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Thank you Tim Rulon at the National Weather Service for your updated lists

Zipped files are easily unpacked with WINZIP Download an evaluation version:WinZip Now

Weather Fax for Windows 3.1




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